12M15M Newsletter – issue No 4

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1. Last Saturday 14th we held the eighth international planning meeting towards May 2012, you are all invited to next meeting on 28 April. Please find he summary of the meeting in this entry http://www.globalmay.org/blog/item/71-globalmay-international-open-space-12m15m-april15th-2012.html

2. The third Spanish State Assembly gathering to plan for May’12 was held on Sunday April 15, minutes here in Spanish: http://www.globalmay.org/blog/item/72-globalmay-espacio-abierto-estatal-spain12m15m.html

3. The web page dedicated to gather and discuss global actions planned for May2012: http://www.globalmay.org/ it is intended and designed to become an International meeting point where you can register and get involved in the actual May12 work.

4. Agora in AthensFrom the 5th to the 15th of May, in the capital of Greece, there will be a nonpartisan space, based on the principles of inclusion, horizontality, non-violence and respect, where several meetings will be held, discussions and actions between different local, national and international projects willing to establish bonds between them and provide mutual support. During these ten days, we may share different ideas about the world today, and what we want for tomorrow, we will diagnose problems and propose solutions to local, national and international issues.

If you are part of a transition project please share it in this pad: http://titanpad.com/AgoraAthens01

5. Building Europe: our brave comrades that are traveling to Athens by bike https://www.facebook.com/groups/337335962949185/ have been officially invited by the comrades that will march from Patras to Athens https://www.facebook.com/events/190106407761241/ to join the tour during the last phase of their journey. Both initiatives found each other thanks to the Internet.

6. Austria – Klagenfurt


They will host an “Open Space” event on May12th. Everyone can bring in contributions to the gathering, they will benefit for getting in contact with people of different origin, sex, color, etc.

7. Switzerland – Zurich

They have a Facebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/254017638023099/

and a web page dedicated to updates and a countdown http://occupy.ch/12m/

“On this day all will be welcome to fight for a positive development in evolution, be interested or already present concrete projects”

8. The Netherlands – Amsterdam


Whether you’re a student, pupil, shoe maker, patient, director, occupant, artist, broker, construction worker, teacher or care assistant makes no difference. Besides, if you simply love good music, interesting conversations or are interested in contemporary solutions for contemporary challenges, on May 12 we celebrate the day of the movement, a day with debates, politics, governance, parties, associations, institutions, goals, and especially people who work together on a responsible future. Worldwide calls for attention to the injustice and inequality that manifests itself so fierce. Please join and show your support”

9. Germany – Dusseldorf

Our comrades have a Fecebook event https://www.facebook.com/events/236955356388092

Their catchy invitation goes like this:

THE WORLD UNITED: on 17 December 2010 the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia began and the unrest in Algeria on 5th of January 2011. This marked the beginning of the Arab Spring…

Invite your friends and share one of these events! call for further worldwide demonstration for Saturday12th of May 2012, a year after these events started for 15M, 15O and 15J now we will be ‘united for #12M global change’

10. Serbia – Belgrad

The facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/103552536442496/

And their call: “That’s why we invite you to join the protest against the POLITICAL economic oligarchy … against corrupt politicians … against bank robbers … GANGSTER PRIVATIZATION and large corporations who are taking everything away from us!

– For Full transparency in the management of all public services and public enterprises

. For the RIGHT TO KNOW and the right to participate actively in the work and decisions!

– For a free and uncensored internet

– For the right to a home

– The right to a decent job

– For a decent life for all!

– For a FREE MEDIA to the service of the right to get INFORMATION to the 99% of U.S.

– For proper sanitation

– For healthy food, against genetically modified organisms

– For a fair EDUCATION

– For a true democracy!

Let’s all take to the streets!

WE ARE 99%, you are 99%, WE ARE 99%!

11. Hungary -Budapest


This is an invitation to participate of May 12th. A call to action for all those who sympathize: groups, social organizations and movements. We hope that this is not the only platform calling for action against global economic and social injustice, we do not own anything. Our task is simply to inform and focus in calling for an action and reflection, common to many others, one action among many. On this day, together we will participate in a true democracy, to bring back a “state” that guarantees human rights and social rights, sustainable development, and above all, bring back common sense! “

12. Eslovakia

A video that supporters of the movement have created to promote 12M: http://youtu.be/0ZWu8OsRiJM

13. Portugal- Santarém


They plan to develop a manifesto based in global postures, but at the same time adapted to their local conditions. This event is open to all who wants to contribute to a memorable day for democracy in Santarém gathering all Ribatejanos. Alvorada invites everyone to participate in the organization and spreading. They will hold a meeting soon for anyone who wants to participate: This event is open to opinions and suggestions for improvement.

More information: http://www.globalmay.org/blog/item/68-updates-from-portugal-for-.html#12m15m

14. Israel – Tel-aviv


and Arab countries:


Both share the same Manifesto, they seem to be together in this

The current distribution of economic resources is such that only the scarce minority escapes from poverty or daily uncertainty. Future generations are condemned to receive a poisoned heritage due to the environmental risks undertaken for the very few who profiteer. We demand social justice, we will not stand down in the defense of our rights. Our representatives have the obligation to be guided by our needs; they have to listen to us. Let’s turn the streets into the biggest loudspeaker on earth on May 12th.

Because we are the 99%,

because we are not goods controlled by politicians and bankers.

Let’s take the streets on May 12th”


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