#activar2012 – A national meeting in portugal in preparation for May

Activists of different groups and social movements, from all over the country (Lisbon, Coimbra, Porto…) are organizing the meeting ACTIVAR: CIDADANIAS PARA O SECULO XXI, National Meeting of Social Movements, in Lisbon during the weekend 21-22 of April, in the Fábrica Braço de Prata.
The objective of this meeting is to create an open space where to share ideas and experiences, where we can think and debate together alternative ways of doing politics, new solutions for our society, to create a more fair society based on solidarity. This open meeting will foster the development of initiatives and the organization of actions for the month of May in the context of the Primavera Global.PT , which is an answer to the global international Global May call, especially towards the appointment of the 12 and 15 of May.
During these two days there will be over 30 workshops, discussions and plenary sessions, as well as various cultural sessions, including cinema and theater. We will debate several topics, such as democracy, education, the media, privacy on the internet, housing, public transportation, food sovereignty, alternative economies and development, the national health system, the privatization of water, the debt, political systems, theater and other artistic forms of expression, war and globalization, discrimination, and many more. There will be a space reserved to children, to let their parents take part in the workshops.
Come! Entry is free and if you don’t live in lisbon, you can contact us for an accommodation. For more information: encontrodeactivistas2012@gmail.com