Berlin Biennale opens doors, #berlinsquare never closed

Yesterday was the press conference and doors opening of the 7BB space to journalists and special guests. The press conference was anything but conventional. Chairs set in a circle, showing the structure of the assembly, and the people of Occupy Berlin organized a small discussion that encouraged the participation of everyone present. The journalists involved in this improvised assembly were also invited to use hand signs of agreement/ disagreement, thereby extending the assembly tools. The discussion went about the global and local social issues,  financial dictatorship and lack of democracy, and specifically on issues that journalists may have to realise their job with dignity. A personal and professional  experience for attendees, not to be easily forgotten…

In the afternoon a communication meeting was held which discussed topics such as a workshop about “live stream” that will be done this afternoon at 4pm, and the lack of  translators for all the material published on the web (We urgently need translators from English to German, and all possible other languages). And among others: presentation of  children workshop to receive their artistic view on the instalation/ actual world situation, the possible identification of the organizers and creating a weekly meeting with specific political content.


Definitely, the atmosphere is already “square”. The flow of people come and go freely. The space’s floor is colored with messages demanding justice, peace and freedom. Small groups discussing ideas can be seen everywhere. Everybody talks to everybody no matter who we are.


Since the beginning of the co-ordinations of the occupy presence in the Berlin Biennale, projects regarding a front-website which could promote the event and inform public in an easy and massive scale have been planned.

We finally got to unite the groups and people interested on such initiative and we bring you , a webisite to:
– Give an easy overview of the events happening inside our space
– Provide the general assembly, international commissions and all type of projects to have their own blogs in order to publish their updates in a same platform in a decentralized way.
– Link to the different projects involved in Occupy Biennale as well as to the coordination and participatory platform, our Groupware.
– Offer an easy design in order to reach public and get all our info to be heard and accessed.
– Work together with Facebook and Twitter accounts/groups of the occupied biennale.

We ask you to take part in the platform creating individual and group/project/commission users as well as helping spreading it so it can be the collaborative site for promoting our activities during the Biennale. If you already have an user account, start to post!

Please, before creating new events in the calendar, communicate it with the people in the hall that have an overview about the program. Most likely you find someone near the info-point.

Info/questions/contact with admins:

Garth, , Grischa, Hieroph4nt.