Call for #12M from Barcelona #12m15m

12M Global mobilization — 15M Day of action.

On the 12th of May we’re back on the street with a creative, non-violent,
people’s demonstration. Progressively working towards the 15th of May in
the people’s defense.

On the 15th of May, 2011, millions of people started a process of social
change, giving a clear and unmistakable sign that we are not merchandise in
the hands of the politicians and bankers, expressing publicly and massively
that the current representative democracy is in the throes of death. The
political class and the powers that be have not understood the message.
Even given the growing demonstrations and clamor of unrest of the 99%, the
establishment continues taking advantage of the crisis to rape our common
wealth putting  people’s lives at risk.

Capitalism has decided to cancel out democracy and we are now governed by
bankers. It is evident that the 1% of the population is a crime legalized
by the ruling class. The Party system carries us towards disaster and we,
the 99%, are the ones that must take the reigns of our destiny. We demand
constituent power to take back the sovereignty that is ours. For these
reasons, on the 12th and 15th of May, after one whole year of protesting
without a response from the ruling class, we take back the street with
legitimate demands that represent the majority, calling for massive
demonstrations and a consumers’ strike.

Some of us are organized and are building our own alternatives and
solutions but given the inhumane measures that are putting at risk the
integrity of the population, and in view of repression and siege  imposed
upon us by the establishment, we find ourselves forced to reclaim basic
questions of survival. So, as to guarantee the right of the 99% to
existence itself, we demand:

1. Not one more Euro for bailing out banks. A citizens’ audit of the debt.
We will not pay an illegitimate debt created by those who provoked the

2. Free, quality, public education and social welfare.

3. A just distribution of work, worthy wages, and the rejection of job
instability. Withdrawal of the Labor reform and retirement age of 67.

4. Guaranteed rights to a decent home. Retroactive dation in payment.
Social housing available for rent. Promotion of housing cooperatives.

5. Fiscal reform that allows a just form of distribution of the wealth
that, between us all, we produce.