#12M global day in Berlin

On May 12th Berlin joined the global day of action. There were 5 marches taking place in the city, Gesundbrunnen, Hauptbahnhof, Frankfurter Tor, Thälmann-Park, Kottbusser Tor.
Marcha#12M de Frankfurter Tor

The call was to meet at 14h, at that time people were gathering in each of the starting points, we could see people of all ages, older people, families, kids.

Meanwhile the trucks begin to arrive, one for leading the march, another that would act as a stage during the march.
Van with 12 mai occupy banner

Once the demonstration started, the different marches had, on avarage, around 400 people.

On the way to Alex 12M
During the walk to Alexander Platz, there were several stops, where the “trucks” gave updates of what was happening the #12M on other cities, the idea of continuity of a global coordination after the 15th October, also the aims of occupy movement were explained as well as the global manifesto was read.

On the way to Alex on the 12th May
There was not a heavy police presence, so the atmosphere was calm and cheerful. After approximately a 2h walk the marches began to arrive to Alexander Platz, everybody met there, and by that time around 3000 people were there.

Arrival to Alex on the 13th May

After all te marches arrived, everybody actually moved to Neptunbrunnen, where a discussion forum was going to take place, called Markt der ideen, that was supposed to last for 2 weeks but the permission for doing it was denied so, it was going not to be easy to carry out the iniative, but we’ll see what happens the next days.
In Neptunebrunnen the 12th May