Support free social network #lorea

The name of Lorea stands for Basque word for “flower”, social networks are seeds that turn to flowers and all flowers compose the garden of shared knowledge :-).

Lorea is the project and n-1 is the seed that in this case it is being extensively used by social movements specially 15M and occupy, since a year ago, more than 40 thousands users joined the network. is a social network based on free software and developed by hackers belonging to the social movements. The aim of this network is to guarantee privacy, technological in dependency ad freedom, is focus on group work, so it has a whole set of tools integrated to make it possible, like etherpad, wiki, tasks, calendars, files upload, groups can be linked if they work on similar topics, etc.

Lorea has been selected among several project to gain an ACT(Action for a Common Transformation). In the case of Lorea that means to win 8000€, that will be invested on developing new features for Lorea and all its seeds, as well as to pay the servers and their administration 😉

The ACT that wins, is the one that has more support, and that depends on YOU :-), so Lorea asks just for a small effort to vote for project number 8 before the 31st May in this poll.
Once you are in the website where the poll is made, you just have to register in the website, fill a text area where they ask you to which network, collective or association you belong to and then you just have to vote project number 8 by clicking the link ” Mucho apoyo” to support Lorea 🙂

Thanks for helping us improve this free social network , alone we can’t do it, but all united, #yeswecan 🙂

A quick guide to the N-1 communication system.

A extended tutorial in Spanish of how to use

Spideralex (ES) from Lorea – Pitfalls of Building Social Media Alternatives (Debate)