#12M15M Minutes of the Evaluation meeting

Courtesy of our comrade Jasper from The Netherlands

Last Sat 2nd June about 25 people from 13 countries joined the Open Space for the evalution and future of the Occupy/Indigndos/M15 Global May process   https://www.facebook.com/#!/events/360735620647791The full minutes of the meeting are here:

Here is a very brief and incomplete summary. More reports and future plans were announced. Please feel free to make contributions. Email:dinamization12m15m@gmail.com

Part 1. Evaluation of M1, M12, M15, etc

Reports from Tel Aviv, Madrid, Amsterdam, Blockupy Frankfurt, Chicago Anti-NATO, New York, Brasil, Croatia, Paris, Vienna, Berlin, and other places.
Many issues were brought to attention: struggles with horizontal organisation, police repression, lack of media attention, the role of statements and manifestos, international communication, and more.

Part 2. Future plans: specific events or campaigns during the summer, general discussion about future strategies and communication and our process.

There are many local/national plans to continue our movements and some international dates. Plans are focused on debt, austerity, precarity, the commons, antiwar, mother earth.

We agreed on the following schedule of meetings in the near future:

  • 9th of June 18:00 UTC: next meeting in Mumble to talk about Rio+20 proposal of actions on the 20th of June
  • 23rd of June 18:00 UTC: OPEN SPACE in Mumble – preparing the transversal events of 14.15 july in madrid (+other cities) and debating on transversal issues of the movement and discuss the possibilities of a global mobilisation around 13-15 October 2012.
  • 21st of July 18:00 UTC: antiwar meeting in Mumble


Plus a contribution from Mariangela in Madrid:

A few words from #TomaMadrid and #politicainternacional15M about the next meetings in Mumble (thanks Jasper for being so quick!)

9th of June ……. it will be important to participate from all over and try to converge in one day of action. From Madrid the proposal is the 20th of June and at the moment there is a meeting in Barcellona where people from different places are preorganizing actions facing Rio +20: so it will be really important on the 9th to share the results of all different proposal with our friends from Brasil. Please participate!
23rd oh june : the idea comes from Madrid. #TomaMadrid is organizing a transversal “event” for the 14/15th of July. The idea is to go from different thematic squares we had in 12M15M to thematic blokes where we all are together an from different point of view economic, environmental, … propose alternatives. We are still in the preparation time and we proposed this meeting in order to see if in other countries is possible to have some sort of actions on the same days and to discuss different experiences of transversal methodologies of discussion and action
21st of July this is a proposal coming from the “peace and disobedience” square in madrid. After the Joined document of Moscow and Ny (which are still, if I am not mistaking, waiting for their final assemblies’ consense about nuclear energy yes or no – if I am wrong please correct the information) in our group we wrote a document
You can find it in spanish and English here
The aim of the meeting is to launch an international campaign and form an international network more than pass a document in our assemblies which could be a reflexion about war and peace, direct actions in the world, disobiedience campaign as not to pay taxes for war, inform each other assemblies about the action we do and so on….
So we really invite you to read our document and participate to this assembly
There is enaough time to organize it and to bring all our experiences to the meeting
All the meetings will be in Mumble
in occupytalk, In the Open Space
at 20,00 (Spanish time)
and just to avoid writing a different mail I would like to send you this document from Madrid legal team (spanish, english and french) to circulate