“The heart of the people of Europe beats in Greece” with Slavoj Žižek

Discussion, “The heart of the people of Europe beats in Greece”.  3. 6. 2012, Athens, Greece

Slavoj Žižek, one of the most prominent contemporary thinkers, Alexis Tsipras, president of the parliamentary group of SYRIZA/EKM and Kostas Douzinas, professor of Philosophy of Law at the of Birkbeck University of London, will talk about the overthrow of the neo-liberal policies which generate the crisis, exacerbate the recession and impose austerity, leading to a catastrophic humanitarian crisis.  At this point, it would be useful to remind that the Slovenian philosopher has already declared his support for SYRIZA, in an article that was published in London Review of Books, under the title ” Save us from the saviours.”

Greeks are proud that Slavoi Zizek will be the ambassador of their fight in Europe. As they said, »Solidarity is our weapon«. They said that the solidarity of their weapons, which was also Zizek warned in a speech that Europe must show its solidarity with the Greeks, or it too will fail, as it should be a core value of solidarity in Europe. He also paraphrased Lennon’s song “Give Peace A Chance” and said “Give Greece a Chance”.

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