We are writing, on behalf of our respective organisations as well as conjointly, to urge you and all members of your organisations and their associated networks and other allied formations throughout Afrika and the World, to lend support to the HEDZOLEKLOWA Endeavour outlined below. It must be of crucial importance to all the progressive forces of Afrika and the World that HEDZOLEKLOWA, as the most viable grassroots community-driven Environmental Justice alternative, wins decisively against the various spurious schemes of imperialist-railroaded neoliberal capitalist gentrification of the Afrika Lake area, in the La township of the city of Accra, which shall only further worsen the genocidal havoc being criminally wreaked  by the devastating maldevelopment of Neocolonialism in Ghana today.

Our youth in and beyond Accra are expecting to draw reinvigorating strength from your expressions of support for their HEDZOLEKLOWA initiative in response to this appeal of ours so as to keep progressively standing their own grounds unflinchingly in resolute Freedomfighting challenge to the reactionary internal and external forces of Neocolonialism in Ghana. They are expecting your support to add formidable progressive weight to and enable the entire Pan-Afrikan and Global Justice movement to help in shifting the balance of forces in and beyond Ghana against Neocolonialism. They have this expectation of your support, mindful of your awareness that the capacity for reactionary violence of Neocolonialism and its agencies of neoliberal Crack Capitalism in Ghana, as elsewhere throughout Afrika, is currently being grotesquely increased by revanchist Imperialism in perpetrating wanton land-grabbing, the more lethally catastrophic plunder of resources, dispossession of communities, impoverishment of the masses, pollution of the environment, the ecocidal rape of Mother Earth, the endangerment of our Cosmos and other heinous crimes against Humanity, Bio-Diversity and the Universe.

We therefore earnestly hope that you will eagerly rally to the call of this most crucially important support appeal for HEDZOLEKLOWA. Do please let us all join our hands of Pan-Afrikan and Global Justice Internationalist Solidarity together in “Ayekooo!” salutation of the militant “Reclaim Our Lands” standard-bearing youth of Accra who are an inspirational pride for the progressive forces of Ghana today. Indeed, we urge you to rally as quickly as you best can in support of such inspiring youthful Freedomfighters of Accra, who are still courageously battling, in league with the global Occupy movement, to reclaim the Afrika Lake area and its environs in order to return them into public ownership, as Community Commons, in furtherance of the common good, very much in the spirit and ethos of the original plans of Osagyefo Kwame Nkrumah, the visionary founding President of the Republic of Ghana.

You can express your own support for the HEDZOLEKLOWA Endeavour by sending a brief message to that effect by E-Mail to <Posuban.palsi@gmail.com> and copied also to <Panafog@yahoo.com> and  <Panafrikanyemei@gmail.com> and <Adieyiemanfo@gmail.com> and <Asaseyaamma@gmail.com> and <Grassnifdrums@yahoo.com>  It will be good if you can also send a similar E-Mail message expressing your own support for the HEDZOLEKLOWA Endeavour to the Presidency of the Republic of Ghana through <Info@moi.gov.gh>; see also www.presidency.gov.gh/ask-president

We hope your support for HEDZOLEKLOWA will be very clearly heard soon.

Counting very much on your sincerest interest in Youth Empowerment as well as principled commitment to Pan-Afrikan and Global Justice Internationalist Solidarity!

Yours fraternally,


Kofi Mawuli Klu,
Pan-Afrikan Forum of Ghana (PAFOG);

Awura Afitsufe Ampofo,
Principal Coordinating Secretary,
ASASEYAAMMA Pan-Afrikan Green Campaign for Global Justice;

Obasima Adwoa Adu,
Co-Principal Organising Secretary,
Grassroots South-North Internationalist Forum (GRASSNIF).


The Afrika Lake Occupation Posuban Project
for Accra Youth-led Community Regeneration in the La township of the city of Accra, Ghana.

HEDZOLEKLOWA is meant for the youth-led community building of the whole Afrika Lake Area in La into an evergreen, integrated, biodiversity complex: a Pan-Afrikan Internationalist Eco-Heritage Village Aquacultural Park and Gardens Resort. Planned to be of relevance to the PANAFEST, it will be a permanent landscape exposition in Ghana of some of the best Eco-Heritage treasures of the entire continent and diaspora of Afrika that highlight the environmental quintessence of Sustainable World Development in furtherance of Global Justice for all. To be true to its holistic community regeneration purpose, HEDZOLEKLOWA will be an open Pan-Afrikan Internationalist Space of the Global Commons under well organised, disciplined and publicly accountable management as a cooperative social enterprise. It is envisaged to provide Green Jobs, especially to the Accra youth, in a wide range of disciplines, vocations and fields of Environmental Justice relevance to Pan-Afrikan Knowledge Integration into Global Citizenship Education.

For more information, contact:
E-Mails: Panafrikanyemei@gmail.com and Posuban.palsi@gmail.com