This summer & forever we are voting for our land’s beaches” (about the greek elections, released on sunday 17th) #occupyAthens


Today’s election is a very expensive farce. It wasn’t difficult at all, and moreover it was imperative for a solution to be found back the previous ones, in May. Thus, they could have formed a pluralistic emergency government, supported by the main political parties (SYRIZA included), with the participation of the best and most upright we‘ve got and avoid all this drama. This was and still remains, despite the artificial polarization, the message of most of the citizens (including this 40%, the highest score ever, who denied to participate to this parody), together with a generalized depreciation of the political system as a whole. ‘’Politics without politicians’’ was demanded by many last year, from the so-called ‘’movement of the squares’’ that advocated direct democracy, and it was demanded again five weeks ago.

It’s a call for democracy, justice, dignity and hope.

The technically bankrupt economy was paralyzed during the pre-election period, public revenues collapsed, the state has defaulted on payments, except salaries and pensions, hospitals have no food and medicine, cancer patients have been left paying for all their medication. The same goes for all institutions that have anything to do with social welfare, with humanity. All production has been halted; massive layoffs are announced every day, troubled loans, starvation wages, unemployment has reached an all-time high. Overall, our justice system is at its worst.

Despair, fear and insecurity.


And yet, they have chosen not to agree on forming a government. Maybe they‘ve reached a different kind of agreement.

In addition, they choose to use polarizing tactics; they revive the Greek civil war atmosphere (all this left – right drama), in order to divide us. They unleashed their neo-Nazi dogs, the steroid-pumped ‘’Aryans’’, in an attempt to spread fear and impose a culture of violence. Most members of the uniformed services, that are supposed to protect us from them, are actually voters of this neo-Nazi party. These macho boys don’t really care about the real mafia, the slave drivers, and the human traffickers that get rich. They just target the most vulnerable members of society. Occasionally they also attack TV – Politician stars, a staged spectacle for a mass audience. Do we need them to protect us? They only work for the highest bidder.

So why bother convince us that the people that gathered at the Presidential Manor, along with their politician pets, hadn’t already reached an agreement?

They arranged the dismissal of their criminal acts, by organizing the swearing-in of a one-day parliament, public property is being sold out throughout this period, after being transferred to the sovereign wealth fund, made especially for vultures. Even our water, air & the underground are being auctioned, but this doesn’t seem to interest the TV news.

It’s the cost of the “reforms” and “growth” (for the 1%).

Public wealth and decision-making authority is being redistributed among a few new families, a con bigger than the one that took place in 1989, or the stock market bubble of 2000 and the orgy of corruption that followed the Olympic Games 2004 organization. Ιt was the economical bubble years, while they’ve chosen for us “an everybody is happy” condition. And we participated in it..

They keep terrorizing us through their media employees, propagandists, and ruthless guard dogs. They talk about new, harsh austerity measures, while only ex-minister Tsochatzopoulos’ bribes are equal to the ruthless pension cuts of our desperate parents. They have the audacity to say that they have not seized the stolen money yet, that they can’t trace the funds! They try to fool us with the fake euro-drachma dilemma (although Obama made it clear, the “big boss” has spoken), just because they need something to disagree with; they justify their importance by disagreeing, in the most heteronomous way.

This is certainly common practice for them, manufacturing things to disagree with and subsequently divide the people, while with direct democracy & collaborative creation, we can find solutions to all our problems and skip the drama. This is the role of the parties: to part, split, divide; it’s in their nature. After all, political parties imitated the organization and methodology of religious orders.

You’re either with them or against them; there is no other option, no respect for the right to be different. We have to match their standards and criteria, like in Orwell’s Oceania.

They are the real racists and in order to satisfy their greed and egos, they are constantly trying to force us kill each other. They‘ve set up an entire mechanism to do so, and we are supposed to take this training class. A ‘’dog eat dog’’ construct, a much-needed cannibalism and depravity for them.

But we have gained the historical experience and knowledge, why fall for it?  We can’t and shouldn’t be fooled; we have the maturity and the skills. Together, we can do much better than the mob-government and opposition- that handled the whole situation.

What emerges is genocide; the shock doctrine, the big brother, the deaths, the suicides, the homeless, the starving children, the criminality, the insecurity, the mental annihilation, a society in depression and despair. What Kemal Atatürk did to Armenians was genocide; what Hitler did to Jews was genocide; their descendants have evolved, they now turn against their own ‘’nation’’. Of course, they always have their reserves ready-the “good old external enemies“.

In the background lies the struggle for oil, and above all stand the banks, that continue to get extremely rich at our expense.

What we live is the new totalitarianism, an inhuman oligarchy against the 99%.

They are mocking us.

Their game is well organized, but also a ridiculous one. We won’t take part in it, we won’t legalize it because we have dignity (filotimo), unlike the ‘’noble’’ professional politicians that don’t know what the word means.

So let’s enjoy a bright and happy Sunday, at the unique Greek beaches, the same beaches that our ‘’leaders’’ on the top floor will be selling out this summer. And best of luck to the national beach Team, for their battles – fights throughout Europe :)

As from Monday, anyone with a position of responsibility must act accordingly and do what’s best for everyone, since we can’t immediately change everything. Otherwise, they should know that the 99% has every right and ability to recall them. It is called civil disobedience; our constitution, the one that they have written and voted for, gives us this right in its last article.

Iceland has set the latest example-we belong in the same European family.

The joke’s over. We are the 99%, we become the change we want to see in the world.

Democracy and Justice everywhere.

Occupy Athens