Without fear, we support our arrested fellows and we keep on: on #S25 we’ll surround the Congress

Source: Coordinadora 25S

This morning, four companions of the Platform Pie, who came as thousands of people to the demonstration of 15S to support the social demand that was happening in the streets of Madrid, have been detained in the square of Platerías, on the corner of the Paseo del Prado. The detention has taken place at the moment in which the companions unfolded a banner saying “25s Surround the congress ” [motto of demonstration that they convene for September 25th] to join the demo. Without being part of any criminal action, they have been arrested and accused of resistance and disobedience to authority.

From the Coordinating Committe for 25S we condemn these arbitrary police practices encouraged by the Goverment against citizen’s freedom of speech and we consider them an attack to our rights, as preventive detentions are completely unconstitutional.

These detentions are framed within a clear strategy of criminalization carried out by the Department of Interior in the last weeks. They have warned in the mass media that they have us located in a list of regular activists and that before 25s there would make “preventive detentions”. Indeed, they have. In addition, in the middle of the demonstration made by the Social Summit of the majority of trade unions, with support of hundreds of groups, and sending a communiqué to the press agencies, automatically replicated by dozens of media, which affirms that they have been arrested by the Information Brigade* inside the “15M block”. The arrested, besides in the Platform In Foot, take part in PAH [anti-evictions movement], 15M popular assemblies [15M is the movement that started last year in public square campings], the Spanish Communist Party, SAT and CC OO [trade unions]. At one stroke, they criminalize the whole political response to their policies.

From the Coordinating Committe for 25S we emphasize that these arrests will not achieve their goal of instilling fear in civil society. On the opposite, they encourage us to fight even more for our legitimate demands, increasingly united, and to denounce the disturbing context from which Government is trying to deprive us of our rights.

We are not afraid. See you in the streets within the following days… on September 25th… and beyond.

* The Data Squad’s body Spanish police investigating political movements, heiress of Political-Social Brigade, repressor body during the dictatorship of Franco.