Freedom for Hervé Falciani*

Monday 12N: Rally at HSBC HQ

 The working group Economía Sol is calling to rally for next Monday,
November 12, at the headquarters of HSBC Geneva, to demand the release of
Hervé Falciani, the IT engineer who is accused of filtering to the French
Tax Authorities, thousands of names of tax evaders from all parts of
Europe, through banking accounts at HSBC Switzerland.

Falciani, has now been incarcerated for four months in the prison at
Valdemoro, having been accused of violating swiss secret banking law, which
is not considered a crime under the Penal Code of the Spanish state.

On Monday the 12th, we will demand his immediate release as well as insist
that the names of the 659 Spanish tax evaders be revealed, of who at the
present time, we only know of Emilio Botín, the president of Banco
Santander. This, after last year's congress voted to reject (PP, PSOE, CiU
and PNV) the publication of the names holding great fortunes in the opaque
Swiss accounts.


*Date: Monday 12 November*

*Time: 12:00 noon*

*Place: the headquarters of HSBC*

*Plaza de Carlos Trías Beltrán, Edificio Torre Picasso*

*Metro Santiago Bernabéu or Nuevos Ministerios*

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