eXpaña / Xpain, the definition of a country that already exists

Source: exlandia.net

If Spain is Rajoy, if it’s Ana Botella, if it’s Rubalcaba, if it’s Julian Muñoz and Isabel Pantoja, Stop Spain. We want to get away.

If Spain is the country where education is despised, the health system ignores immigrants, the bankers are absolved and the citizens are the ones hurt; then we swallow the ID card, or we will die from embarrassment.

If Spain is associated to “brand of España”, we separate ourselves from it.

We ask: What do we do? What can we do? What are we doing?

There is a country, or a non-country, where its inhabitants are stopping the evictions, attending to the immigrants, losing the fear, and creating the republic for the 99% in their daily lives.

If Spain is the brand of España, we are eXpaña.

And we are not alone.

There is already an exGreece, an exPortugal, a United Xtates, an eXGalicia, eXandalucía, exCataluña. There is also an exFuenlabrada and an eXGijón.

We are the real eXpaña, so we declare the Government irrelevant. We declare ourselves in rebellion.

They are coming for us, but we are not here anymore. If they want, they can come to find us in eXpaña. Maybe we will welcome them. Maybe not.