#Okupem12M International Call (Barcelona)

#Okupem12M #OccupyTogetherBarcelona – INTERNATIONAL CALL



We invite all of you, individuals and collectives from the whole Europe and world, to participate in a journey of 5 days of action, part of the inauguration of a macro-okupation of a centric and huge space in BARCELONA where we want to be of all of us; a place to coordinate and exchange our different struggles, make them more visible and construct concrete projects; a place where we all will be able to meet, share and work together against this oppressive and unfair system, building real alternatives.

It is a week of action (5 DAYS) with workshops, talks and, most of all, exchange between movements, collectives and people.

* If you are interested on coming from outside Barcelona, send a mail to okupem12m@riseup.net so we can help you manage accommodation and food.

* Send us a mail as well if you feel like giving a talk or a workshop. You are welcome!

* Soon an agenda with all confirmed collectives will be released.

Plan of action:

* Peaceful demonstration
* Lots of art and creativity
* 5 days of actions, talks and workshops
* We occupy inside and outside the building

We all gather at Arc de Triomf, once the general demonstration of May 12th in Barcelona, finishes around 20h. From there, we will march all together to the place where we are going to occupy, following music and artists performing cabarets, and other surprises.

Then, we will have 5 days of actions, talks, workshops and exchange. Agenda will be available soon.

Our reasons

We consider that every revolutionary struggle fits into this action, but to coordinate our actions we feel like pointing out 6 topics:


We occupy with families that were evicted from their houses, the same houses which now are empty due to simple greed, while all governments don’t care about people.


Health system which each day we have less access, the health system now privatized which immigrants can’t enjoy. For such, we are building a autonomous health centre with doctors, nurses and psychologists which people will be able to access freely.

We believe Art is a potential political tool and we can use it to change social reality. That is why we are going to develop and encourage artistic actions as well as places to plan, perform and share them.

We will create a free network of knowledge against corporate ‘education’ which each day is more elitist and focused on simple production and reproduction of a worldwide unfair financial market. We believe education should be lead towards more practical and critical situations, being truly constructive and adapted to people’s reality.

We unite collectives struggling against the current situation of employment. We will gather a space for talks, meetings and coordination of labour causes. We hope this will help in the development of a cooperative labour structure guided by values and solidarity.

Because every patriarchal capitalist culture leads society towards every kind of discrimination and it is simple unacceptable! We struggle against all forms of racism, xenophobia, homophobia and sexism.