#Berlin In solidarity with #Taksim #occupygezi

In Berlin , since last Wednesday, there has been set up a tent in solidarity with #Taksim and #occupygezi. Every day people stay in groups, alone, move around, talk to each other and at around 19h takes place a live concert with turkish music, some dancing, while the lastest news from the square are been told in the mic.


Live concert is announced
During live concert in Kottburser Tor – Berlin
People gathering and enjoying the live music
Music continues in the square of Kottburser Tor – Berlin
Some dancing takes places, like everyday 🙂
The square learns how to dance traditional turkish dances


Because revolution is about joy and happiness, we dance


We at the heart of Kreuzberg – Berlin

Yesterday, while this gathering was taking place, the news that Taksim was being evicted using heavy amounts of tear gas, attacking old people, children (that in the way have got lost ) interrupted the on going activities. After a quick discussion it was decided to do a spontaneus demo in support of the square of Taksim, against the fascist president Erdogan and as a signal of resistance.

Spontaneus demo in solidarity with #Taksim begins
Taksim is everywhere, resistence is everywhere



Walking in an improvised demo around Kreuzberg


And of course, in a few seconds police appeared


Police surveilled the march in support of Taksim
Dozens of people joined the spontaneous demo



The demo ended in the tent set up in solidarity with Taksim


After the demo, during the whole night people continued in the square, where news updates were given, live connection with Taksim were established, food was shared.

On Sunday 16th June at 15h will take place a demo in solidarity with Taksim, it will start in Kottbuser Tor, it has been asked that people wear something read and to bring pots and pans.