Summary and the full report of the 2nd Transnational Open Space Forum: 2013 World Revolution – Road to #15O

Below summary is being circulated in order to inform you about the 2nd Transnational Open Space Forum held on Mumble on 21 July, and the next forum that will be held on 22 August.  The perspective is to connect our struggles and networks online as well as in the real world in order to strengthen each other and continue on the path towards making global change real.

Download the entire report and the minutes here: 2013WorldRevolution2ndOpenSpaceinMumble 

Summary of the 2nd Transnational Mumble Meeting that took place on 21 July 2013 and was attended by over 50 people from different countries.

We had multiple discussions on how to build a global convergence of different movements like Zapatista, Anonymous, students, indigenous people, immigrants, African uprisings, Occupy, 15M, Blockupy, Via22, Yo Soy132, Chapullers, Change Brazil, movements from India, China so on towards 15O and beyond. We imagined a networked, coordinated global blockade and asked if we are ready of that? We reflected on how to globalize the struggles for free knowledge and privacy, against abuses of corporations, government surveillance, police brutality and military interventions.

We discussed that 15O worldwide and a feeling that symbolic demonstrations are not effective on their own and had brainstorms about actions to be planned possibly at the same time all over the world. It was expressed that the need to not just make demonstrations, but to engage in actions that have real impact on the functioning of the system and realise the alternatives we are fighting for with the involvement of all the people in the building of the action from the beginning. Possible way to engage by starting a collective game.

Boycott and disobedience campaigns are seen as crucial as well in order not to give our individual and collective support to their system. We talked about the experience of Toqueabankia blockade in Spain, the experience of Blockupy Frankfurt (blocking banks, deportation airports and unfair shops in Germany; struggles to regain the land in order to cultivate; experiences of occupation of empty buildings and turning them into shelters and social centres, cultural and political events in a very open, participatory, inclusive and horizontal way. Examples were:

  • Alternative and free shops, consumers groups,
  • International Boycott campaigns against occupation policies and transnational and economic powers
  • Actions to stop building of big project like fast train, bridges, expo, and others,
  • Blocking of infrastructures (digital & physical) in order to stop capitalist accumulation; by re-inventing the strike form.

Suggested next steps:

  • Building a Road to Dignity map, in order to visual the timeline towards and after the15O,  as a completely  open process where all people could join from their local squares  and add all the processes being planned (previous maps from 2011 and 2012)
  • Continue to build-up connections and interest at meetings and events leading up to and beyond 15O (see the list of events below)

The Occupy National Gathering Working Group (NGWG) and Via22 proposed to have the 3rd Transnational Open Space forum during the (Inter)Occupy National Gathering Global Convergence Day on 22 August. Besides the Open Space Forum between18.00 PM GMT-22.00 PM GMT there will be a round the clock online communication, media and global convergences.


The  Blockupy 2013 days of action were one step on the path towards becoming  part of a huge, common European and global movement. We want to  continue walking this path together with you: we want to talk about our  respective struggles, want to have a strategic debate about whether  Blockupy 2014 can be a common point of crystallisation, how we can  develop our collective strength, how to intervene into the situation,  how to create practical opportunities. To discuss all this, to make it  happen together with our friends, colleagues and comrades from all over  Europe, we therefore invite you a European Action Conference in  Frankfurt on the weekend October 25th to 27th. We want to have lively  discussions about strategies and approaches, want to kick off an  international and participatory European preparatory process for the  Blockupy mobilisation and against the planned opening of the new ECB in  2014.

  • 1–3 November:  2nd Agora99 transnational meeting in Rome 

Last year’s meetings web site:






NEXT MEETING WILL BE IN MUMBLE on 22 August, 18.00-22.00 GMT

Server: Occupy talk, Room: Open Space 

HOW TO JOIN MUMBLE: Download and install mumble:

Needs and suggestions from the meeting:

  •  Translators, facilitators, turn watchers (assist facilitator) note takers,
  • Report backs from other movements
  • Skill share of stories from other movements, even ones earlier to hear  what worked; report of tactics that worked on the streets, then record  and share widely
  • Mobile research project that has pieces that can be broken down and worked on by many in different countries

Think Globally, Act Locally, Live Glocally

Another World Now! 

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