Massive protests in Romania against the exploitation of Rosia Montana mines

In Romania massive protests are taking place in the last days, we’ve asked friends to tell us about it, and here is the response 🙂

I’ll try to resume the situation here using some articles.
Everything started with a mining project approved by the Romanian
government, which is going to be the largest in Europe.

A Canadian company wants to extract gold, silver and other precious metals from Rosia Montana, a place in Transylvania. The procedure using cyanide started a huge controversy, along with the fact that the Romanian state would get only 6% revenues. One of their arguments is the fact that they would offer jobs to the poor miners in the area. A lot of people are against the project, which would be polluting the area and destroying four mountains, not to take into account that it would mean us giving all that precious metals almost for nothing. Petitions have been written and signed by many, protests have been made. But they haven’t been taken into consideration. Lately, the government has approved a draft law that would allow the mining project to start. This month, the Parliament will vote on this draft law. On the 1st of September, in Bucharest (the capital) and other important cites in the country there have been demonstrations and thousands of people protested.

The Romanian televisions dind’t broadcast anything about it. During this last week, almost 2000 people demonstrated on the streets of Bucharest every day, but still the television was silent. On the 8th of September, between 10 000 and 20 000 people marched on the streets of the capital and some other thousand people demonstrated in other places in Romania. One
television broadcasted live. The other ones didn’t say a thing. The Canadian company payed for silence. Facebook was the only way to see what was happening here these last eight days.

The protests are peaceful, people it on the sidewalk or on the street, march peaceful but don’t start conflicts. They are mainly young people but not only.
After the march on the 8th of september the prime minister announced that they would stop the procedure. Still, the Parliament has to vote. The televisions started broadcasting some news about Rosia Montana project.

People keep going out in the evenings, demonstrating. There are not many matterials in English but i will try to include some which might be relevant. Any mentioning in foreign press can be useful. ”

Day 1, 1st of september:

Day 8, 8th of september:

Day 9, 9th of September: