Racism a cause that kills. We want healthcare rights for all!


rightToHealthcareSource: Ex OPG Occupato – Je so’ pazzo

Yesterday our friend Ibrahim died because hospital refused to take care of him. This is the call for tomorrow’s demo: Our brother is dead. Racisme and the poor conditions of the health care kill! TODAY 12nd OF JULY AT 15H AT PIAZZA GARIBALDI, we are going to make a demonstration under the prefettura, to ask justice and truth for Ibrahim! He asked for help for hours without being heard, his friends asked for hours to know his conditions without being heard. Today we require justice for Ibrahim and for all, Italians included, who suffered the effects of the unequal health system. WE DON’T WANT TO CRY ANYMORE OUR BROTHERS, NOW WE WANT EQUAL RIGHTS FOR ALL!

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