Cooking revolutions

In the context of the 10 years of 15M movement, we want to celebrate this anniversary by organizing an event that helps us to reflect with others how has it been the evolution of several international movements that started on 2011.

We want to analyze where are we now, how have the different movements evolved, the role of citizen journalism in the middle of “fake news” era and the use of art in social protests, its impact, its different expressions and the role played along these years in the different movements.

The event will take place on the open air from 3rd-5th September 2021 from 12h in Tempelhoff Airport, we will have the presence of Omar Sene from Y en A Marre movement(Senegal), Occupy Gezi(Turkey), Occupy Wall Street (USA) and Occupy London (London).

Last minute update! It looks like we will have with us Omar from Dalifort Danse Festival association, a grassroot association working with dance and political engagement in the suburbs of Dakar

We will provide the food but bring the drinks!!