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“Nobody expected the #Spanishrevolution”
Take The Square was born from the demonstration on May 15, 2011 in Madrid. The demonstration called from the association Democracia Real Ya (Real Democracy Now), was the prelude of a new movement that was about to emerge. Once the demonstration was finished, some of those attending decided spontaneously and independently of the organizers, that a demonstration was not enough, so they decided to camp in the main square of Madrid (Puerta del Sol), thus starting a new project in the history of mankind.


The #15M
The idea of camping in the square 1) as a way of demonstrating against a dominant and oppressive system, lead by a political class working for banks and big corporations and 2) as a way to promote new initiatives of political, social, economical, artistic and cultural organization, generated the concept of “Take the Square”, original and essential sign of the #15M movement. That concept was created in the camp of Madrid (AcampadaSol) and then exported to the rest of the cities of Spain and the world.


You can read a summary about the #15M in the following link:


The #Globalrevolution
The ‘Take the Square’ project was born that way.
Originally formed by the International Extension Commission of Madrid, Take the Square -reflecting the will of the #15M to serve as a new example of civil disobedience and structured change of the worldwide political reality- decided to bring the #15M ideals to a global context, that is, the principles of:
Inclusiveness, we are a movement of people, whose plurality goes beyond any label; no political parties, trade unions or associations represent us.
Horizontality, we gather together in assemblies for taking decissions, so these decissions are taken as most shared as possible.
Collective intelligence, facing the problems we use or collective intelligence to scape the logic of the power.
Respect, because we look for what join us together rather what divides us, respect for the others is basic.
Non-violence, because non-violence make us stronger, it allow us to change the reality, break the predictable, it make us more radical.


That way the #SpanishRevolution grew in many countries crystallizing in a wider concept: the #GlobalRevolution.


Currently, the Take the Square group has become an international network, with participants from all over the world, organized to stablish a global network of citizen activism based on the #15M ideals.
Our goal is to get over our local determinations to become a movement with truly global roots, in fight against global problems, to give global alternatives and solutions.


Therefore, we can’t be alone. Your participation is essential. We are totally open to any collaboration and ideas in the different branches of the network we are building. The XXI century revolution only will happen as long as a real global union exist, as long as their participants are distributed all over the world.


We believe in the power of unity, of human beings fighting and acting together -regardless of borders, either social or geographical- for common issues that affect us all, based on ideals of solidarity, commitment to the planet and the humankind, participatory democracy, and defense of human rights.





Our online tools
Here you can find all the updated information about the movement, news, analysis, manual to spread the #globalrevolution, videos, photos, a calendar with the most important events worldwide, contact information of all groups in the network, and any other relevant information to share with the world.
All the groups of the network stay in contact through a mailing list whose memebers are representatives or participants of each group, and people who want to contributeto the movement. With this list we coordinate to act globally.
Do you know N-1? It’s like facebook, but free (free as in free software). An open-source social network ready for group work, and available for any association or group to download and install without depending of any mega-multinational.
It is the social network of the movement, that we use to work and develop our actions, and stay in contact. You can take a look at this quick guide (video) in English or at this more extended tutorial (screencast) in Spanish.